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  • Vegan multi-component protein
  • 9.060 mg EAAs and 4.650 mg BCAAs per serving
  • aluminum-free bag with practical zip lock

Top class plant-based teamwork! Our new vegan multi-component protein brings you the concentrated, plant-based power for your daily protein requirement! The dream team of plant-based protein sources has come together to bring you the best taste on a new level. 9,060 mg EAAs and 4,650 mg BCAAs are contained in each serving - so you get your daily essential amino acids together quickly. The resealable, aluminum-free bag with a modern zip lock ensures that your protein always stays fresh. Vegan, environmentally friendly and a wonderful taste. What more could you want?

VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 1 kg

Recommended dosage: Stir 1 serving, 30g powder (3-4 tablespoons) into 300ml of water and drink.

Directions: On training days, drink about 30 minutes before or after an intensive workout. On non-training days, drink in the morning or evening.

Protein blend as a protein concentrated with sweeteners for the preparation of a protein drink.

If kept unopened in a cool, dry place, best before end of/Lot no.: see imprint. Once opened, use up quickly. Keep away from direct heat and light.


The Vegan Protein Duo-Component Protein is ideal for supporting the following goals:

  • To cover the daily protein requirement
  • To build muscle
  • For muscle maintenance
  • Perfect for vegan recipes

Who is the Vegan Protein Duo-Component Protein suitable for?

  • Fitness athlete
  • People who want to cover an increased protein requirement
  • Strength or endurance athletes
  • People who follow a vegan diet


You need proteins to build muscle, but you have known that for a long time. The vegan multi-component protein helps you to achieve your daily protein goals and tastes really delicious ... especially in water. ;) Thanks to the particularly environmentally friendly, aluminum-free zip-lock bag, your vegan protein always stays fresh and free of lumps! Open the bag, pour on and stock up on vegetable protein!

SBODY ATTACK Vegan Protein

What is vegan protein? Vegan proteins are obtained from plant sources and act as building blocks for muscle building * and the maintenance of muscles **. Our Vegan Protein Duo-Component provides you with valuable proteins from peas and brown rice.

Packed with EAAs and BCAAs for your balanced diet. So that you can cover your daily essential amino acids, we have added 9.060 mg EAAs and 4.650 mg BCAAs *** to the protein. Delicious, uncomplicated and of course vegan! This gives you the necessary building blocks for your growth quickly at the start! Another little tip: You can give your vegan recipes an extra kick with the multi-component protein - maybe you will try a vegan cake with extra protein! Do we get a piece too?