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Syntech - SynPro Whey (2.04 kg)

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SynPro Whey is an instant whey protein of excellent quality. It consists of the fast absorbing protein fractions Whey Protein Isolate and a Whey Protein Concentrate.

The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscles. Our muscles are being damaged during intense training and immediately after a workout, they start to break down. Therefore it is of vital importance to start the opposite process as soon as possible: muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Muscle protein synthesis is the naturally occurring process in which protein is produced to repair muscle damage. So after your training, you need a fast absorbing protein source to stop the break down process, repair the damage and start to build muscle.

Muscle break down can also take place during the night when you sleep. Glycogen stores deliver energy to our body and brain, but the stores are running low overnight. The body switches to the amino acids stores to support the metabolic processes and therefore muscles are turning into a catabolic state. So also after waking up, you need a fast absorbing protein source to stop muscle break down.

SynPro Whey contains those fast protein fractions and therefore contributes to muscle growth and the development of lean muscle mass.⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾⁽³⁾  It is rich in BCAA and glutamine and as it has a high biological availability, SynPro Whey is efficiently absorbed by the body. It is easy to mix with water and has amazing creamy taste. For optimal results, SynPro Whey can be combined with SynPro Matrix to support protein need during the night.  

Suited for:

  • Any type of athlete who wants to build lean muscle mass

  • Any type of athlete for the maintenance of muscles

  • Athletes looking for a fast absorbing protein source

  • As part of a (protein) diet plan

  • Fitness / Body Building

  • Martial Arts / MMA / Boxing

  • Athletics

  • Rugby / Soccer

Recommended use: 

1 serving = mix 1 scoop (30g) with 200ml of water. Take 2 servings per day, every day of the week.

On Training Days: take 1 serving in the morning after waking up and 1 serving immediately after your training.

On Non-Training Days: take 1 serving in the morning after waking up and 1 serving in the afternoon between meals.

Athletes can combine with SynPro Matrix for optimal results:

Take SynPro Whey as described here above and take 1 serving SynPro Matrix before going to bed.


Whey Protein Isolate (WPI90)

This WPI is obtained through a special production method called “novel chilling” or “ultra-cold filtration method”. This method preserves the natural structure of the protein and produces an undenatured (= raw) WPI (Beta-Lactoglobulin, Alfa-Lactalbumine, Bovine Serum Albumine, Immunoglobulin G, Lactoferrine and Glycomacropeptide included).

This specific filtration method creates a WPI which:

  • Contains the highest number of Immunoglobulin IgG, IgM and IgA fractions.
  • Is an extremely concentrated protein with the highest biological availability.
  • Contains almost no fat.
  • Is rich in growth factors, e.g. IGF-1.
  • Contains a lot of glutamine peptides.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC80)

This WPC is obtained through a low temperature Cross-Flow Membrane (CFM) filtration technique. This fabrication method shields the protein structure against heat. The resulting protein concentrate is instantized. In addition, WPC consists of short and long chain amino acids, which are all assembled through selective hydrolysation.