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Body Attack - Beef Amino Liquid 1000ml

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  • Amino acids from beef
  • 30 g protein per daily ration
  • Plus vitamin B6

Want some beef power? The Body Attack Beef Liquid Aminos have it all - namely high-quality liquid amino acids from beef protein. Your advantage? Around 4800 mg essential amino acids (EAA) and 2100 mg BCAA are contained in the ready-to-drink liquid per 60 ml for your protein-rich diet. And with such a high protein content of approx. 30 g protein per daily ration, your muscles will literally see red during your workout. Go for it! The ideal fuel for your muscle growth goals is already waiting. With additional vitamin B6*, you will last longer on the iron. Are you ready to get started? We have made it available for you in two delicious fruity flavours.



Beef Amino Liquid is the perfect choice for supporting the following goals:
  • Muscle growth and maintenance.
  • Muscle definition
  • Covering an increased protein requirement
Who is Beef Amino Liquid suitable for?
  • Fitness athletes
  • athletes
  • People with protein deficits


Whether you’re a strength athlete, a fitness enthusiast or an athlete: your body and your muscles need protein building blocks, or more precisely amino acids, to get you through intensive workouts with full power. Luckily, you have us and the powerful amino supplier Beef Amino Liquid.

What are amino acids? Amino acids are protein building blocks. Twenty of them are involved in protein building. EAAs are a combination of the eight essential amino acids. These cannot be produced by the body itself but must be taken in through food or supplementation. Three of them are grouped together as BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids. They go by the names of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which fulfil numerous vital functions in the human metabolism and are an important component of the muscles.

What do I need Amino Liquid for? The days are stressful and you can’t cover your protein needs? You are working out hard and your muscles are craving for enough fuel? Then you need our first-class Beef Amino Liquid! By taking BODY ATTACKs Beef Amino Liquid with your meals, you can support your protein-rich diet for muscle and bone maintenance. The daily portion of 60 ml Beef Amino Liquid contains 30 g of protein. This will please you and especially your muscles.

When do I take Beef Amino Liquid? Take 3 times a day 20ml Beef Amino Liquid either with your main meals or preferably with a protein shake before and after workout.


Intensive workout phases mean high metabolic performance for the body. During these high phases, there is an increased need for vitamins, which urgently needs to be covered. This is where the vitamin B6 contained in Beef Amino Liquid comes into play. It promotes energy metabolism* and thus prevents signs of fatigue. So use the full power of Beef Amino Liquid to keep going at full throttle during your workouts.

* Vitamin B6 contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism