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Nutriversum - BCAA+ GLUTA

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A complex BCAA and glutamine formula that provides your body with 2580 mg of BCAA and 2500 mg of glutamine per serving, all in a delicious, refreshing taste world!

BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acid, which means branched chain amino acids in Hungarian. This group consists of 3 amino acids, which are leucine, isoleucine and valine.

These 3 amino acids are essential amino acids, which means that they cannot be produced by our body on their own, despite the fact that they are essential for normal daily functioning, so their intake is definitely a function of nutrient intake, we have to make up for it.  

Although glutamine is not an essential amino acid, it alone accounts for nearly 60% of the total amino acid supply of skeletal muscle, and natural levels are reduced by both physical and mental stress.
The product combines all the beneficial properties of 4 amino acids in a really tasty, practical, high active ingredient form:

  • 5080 mg of quality amino acids per serving,
  • 2: 1: 1 (natural) BCAA content,
  • 1: 1 BCAA: glutamine ratio,
  • sugar free formula,
  • aspartame free,
  • easy dissolution,
  • fantastic flavors,
  • a prominent role in the diet period.

Recommended use:

We recommend consuming it mostly during training, but also feel free to consume the delicious BCAA + GLUTA Flow on rest days, as our body constantly needs quality amino acid supplementation.

Preparation:  Mix and consume 6 grams in 250 ml of water with a shaker at once, or 12 grams in 500 ml of water and added continuously during training. 


BCAA, L Glutamine