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Body Attack - Extreme Iso Whey

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  • Isolate content of more than 90%
  • Made from the best milk from grass-fed Irish cows
  • Low lactose - gluten and aspartame-free

Whey protein from real pasture milk. Milk from cows that feed on grass and spend their lives in the pasture. Where can you find that? Here, of course. We know that the best milk makes the best protein shakes. And the best milk comes from species-appropriate free-range husbandry in Ireland. That´s obvious. The result is Body Attack Extreme Iso Whey.

Our premium protein powder has an isolate percentage of more than 90%, is manufactured gently, is low in lactose and aspartame-free and is extremely well digestible. Which Whey isolate can do more? Probably none. Perfect for you and your goals.

VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 1kg
Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 60 day(s).
The Extreme Iso Whey is exactly the right choice for these goals:
  • Muscle building
  • Muscle definition
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Diet / Weight Loss

For whom the Extreme Iso Whey is suitable:

  • Strength and endurance athletes who put a lot of strain on their muscles
  • Fitness athletes who want to prevent protein deficiencies after training
  • Figure conscious people who want to compensate for nutritional deficiencies during diets or dietary changes
  • People on low-carb or low-fat diets
  • Athletes with lactose intolerance who are looking for a suitable protein powder

 The Best Whey Protein From Irish Pasture Milk

The secret of whey protein, which comes from the milk of grass-fed cows? There isn´t one. Our premium whey isolate is made from milk from cows that eat what they are supposed to eat: fresh, juicy grass. That´s good. For the cows and for you.

Milk from grass-fed cows contains more omega-3 fatty acids. With appropriate pasture husbandry, additional concentrated feed - which sometimes contains hormones - and the use of antibiotics can be avoided.

Grazing is also good for the soil. Ireland owes its evergreen pastures to the mild, rainy climate. Cows can spend most of the year outdoors, eating grass and being happy. These special conditions give our Iso Whey the incomparable quality you can taste. This is what our seal of approval Premium Protein Isolate 100% Irish Whey stands for.


Our Whey-Isolate achieves best results in all tests. This is due to the combination of Irish milk from grass-fed cows and gentle manufacturing processes.

The high proportion of essential amino acids and proteins makes our whey protein the ideal protein product after intensive training sessions.

Quality Through Innovation

We use the latest technology to preserve the best of nature. Our whey isolate is obtained from natural Irish whey using the so-called cross-flow microfiltration technology (CFM technology for short). This nutrient-gentle process preserves the original nutrient composition of the pasture milk - and thus also the valuable ingredients and the natural taste.

This enables us to produce a protein powder that contains more than 90% isolate in its purest form - significantly more than comparable products.

Another advantage: carbohydrates and fats disappear almost completely. Due to the low lactose content of about 0.4 g per serving, our Extreme Iso Whey is suitable for athletes with lactose intolerance. Our protein powder is also gluten-free. And we do without aspartame in our premium product anyway.

This is quality you can feel and taste.

Whey Isolate Perfect After Training

Whey isolate is the perfect protein source after training. No protein gets to where it should be as fast as an isolate. When your muscles are craving for protein, it is immediately available. This makes Extreme Iso Whey the ideal product for muscle growth.

Furthermore, our isolate is very well digestible.

The protein powder is soluble in water and milk and is available in different flavours.

* Specifications refer to the taste of vanilla and a portion of Iso Whey (50 g powder in 250 ml water).

Recommended dosage:

Beginners: Stir 30 g powder (3 scoops) into 300 ml of low-fat milk (1.5%)
Advanced athletes: 50 g powder (5 scoops) in 250 ml of water.

Directions: On training days, drink about 30 minutes before or after an intensive workout. On non-training days, drink in the morning or evening.

If kept unopened in a cool, dry place, best before end of/Lot no.: see bottom. Once opened, use up quickly. Keep away from direct heat and light.


Isolate percentage of more than 90%. Per portion, the isolate powder provides around 44 g protein from whey protein, about 2 g carbohydrates and only 0.5 g fat. The BCAA content is just about 10,000 mg, the glutamine content is around 7,600 mg per serving.