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My Supps - 100% Natural Soy Isolate 2kg (Zip-bag)

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100% Natural Soy Isolate 2kg

  • Over 85% protein ratio
  • 100% vegetable
  • Barely any carbohydrate or fat

My Supps 100% Natural Soy Isolate is a vegan alternative to other protein shakes. Soy protein is therefore also suited to people suffering from lactose intolerance.

Many protein shakes stem from animal protein sources such as egg, milk or whey.

Animal muscle meat is also a high-quality source of proteins. However, given that some people prefer to do without animal foods, it is important to find vegetable alternatives for this traditional source of protein.

Soy beans are among the plants with the highest protein contents. My Supps 100 % Natural Soy Isolate is made entirely using this vegetable protein.

If the powder is mixed in water or soy milk, it can be consumed without concern by vegans or persons with animal protein or lactose intolerances
Protein supply on a vegetable basis.

Soy protein is absorbed by the body at a similarly high rate as whey proteins. In general, the latter are considered among the fastest proteins, preferably taken directly before or after training.

Athletes can benefit in different ways from proteins such as My Supps 100% Natural Soy Isolate: proteins contribute to the growth of new muscle mass and to preserving muscles and normal bones.

Worth knowing: What is special about soy protein?

Even if there are no restrictions in specific nutrition, My Supps 100 % Natural Soy Isolate is a recommendable dietary supplement. As vegetable proteins, soy proteins do not contain any cholesterol. Given that cholesterol is linked with cardiovascular diseases, many people are advised to reduce their intake of these substances.

    100% NATURAL SOY ISOLATE is an easily digestible protein powder, extracted from high-quality vegetable soy beans. Due to its amino acid profile, soy protein has high biological value similar to lactoproteins. In a vegan or vegetarian diet, soy protein isolate can contribute to the preservation and increase of muscle mass and also provides all essential amino acids.

    Recommended dosage: Stir 30 g powder (2 slightly heaped measuring spoons) in 300 ml of water and drink one serving preferably before or after a workout. Take one serving per day during or between meals as part of a vegan diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

    Tip: Tastes delicious with the flavorings of My Flavoring System from My Supps.

    Ingredients: Soy protein isolate (100%)

    Nutritional supplement as protein powder for the preparation of protein beverages. This product is not intended for long-term use and should not be substituted for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.