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Body Attack - ATP TOR® 60 Caps

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  • More strength growth with patented formula
  • New energy for the ATP stores in the muscles
  • ELITE Pre-Workout Produce

More strength? More power? More muscle pump? Get the maximum out of yourself with the original from Body Attack: ATP TOR®. Behind the brand name is the patent-protected, clinically validated formula that was specially developed as capsules for your strength gain. Go new ways with the exclusive pre-workout product and set even harder stimuli for your workout thanks to the effect proven by studies. Get ATP TOR, get stronger!


ATP TOR is the right choice for supporting the following goals:

  • Muscle growth and maintenance
  • More intense workout sessions
  • More strength gain

Who is the ATP TOR for:

  • Fitness enthusiasts who strive for harder workouts.
  • Athletes and competitive athletes
  • Strength athletes
  • Fitness athletes looking for the pump effect


Effective as a workout booster - without caffeine, but with an effect that packs a punch. More precisely, in the capsules. Here comes a real powerhouse on the market.

Why ATP TOR®? It´s simple: patented, profitable, unique and with a quality standard that you only get at BODY ATTACK: Clinically validated formula included! Convince yourself and get started!

What is ATP TOR®? BODY ATTACK´s ATP TOR® stands for adenosine-5-triphosphate, which supplies the body with a special form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP for short). It indirectly supports ATP production in the muscle cells.

What are the benefits of ATP TOR®? According to scientific studies*, ATP regulates the influx of calcium and glucose. Both nutrients activate growth signals in the muscle cell, which in turn drive ATP production in muscle energy metabolism, giving the muscles more fuel.


What is ATP? ATP is responsible for energy output in the body and is also known as cell fuel or muscle gasoline. Without ATP, the body would not be able to perform intense work.

What can ATP do? ATP can be obtained in energy metabolism from carbohydrates, proteins, fats and from creatine. However, the ATP stores in the muscles is limited, which is why ATP as an energy supplier must always be built up again or supplied from outside. This is where our ATP TOR® comes into play. Increase your ATP level now with the patented formula and thus indirectly increase the ATP production in your muscle cells!