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Syntech 100% Whey 1.8Kg & L-Arginine AKG (90 Vcaps)

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Unlock your full potential with our dynamic duo: Syntech 100% Whey (1.8Kg) and L-Arginine AKG (90 Vcaps). Syntech 100% Whey offers superior protein for muscle growth and recovery, while L-Arginine AKG enhances blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles, supporting performance and endurance. This powerful combination fuels your gains and boosts your workout intensity, helping you achieve your fitness goals with maximum efficiency. Elevate your training and redefine your limits with this essential pairing.

Syntech 100% Whey 1.8Kg 

100% Whey is a protein shake containing only Whey Protein Concentrate as a protein source. It is of excellent quality and is easy to mix with water, which results in a creamy tasty shake. Whey protein concentrate is a fast absorbing protein fraction which means that it is quickly absorbed by the body.  

The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscles. Our muscles are being damaged during intense training and immediately after a workout, they start to break down. Therefore it is of vital importance to start the opposite process as soon as possible: muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Muscle protein synthesis is the naturally occurring process in which protein is produced to repair muscle damage. So after your training, you need a fast absorbing protein source to stop the break down process, repair the damage and start to build muscle.

Syntech L-Arginine AKG (90 Vcaps)

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is a very versatile supplement and is suited for athletes looking for a pure Arginine product, without any addition of other ingredients. L-Arginine AKG is suited for different types of sports, such body building, fitness, athletics, boxing, rugby, cycling etc. Each capsule contains 1000mg of L-Arginine AKG, which give you an amazing muscle pump and increase your workout capacity and endurance. It stimulates NO (Nitric Oxide) production and improves blood flow from and to the active muscles. As oxygen transport increases, more nutrients and hormones are being transported to the muscles.