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Integral Medical - Sinister Mass 3kg

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Integral Médica's Sinister Mass is a hypercaloric supplement designed to help you increase muscle mass and strength. With low fat content and a balanced combination of high-quality proteins, fast energy carbohydrates and gradual release carbohydrates, this supplement assists in muscle recovery and increases the intensity of your workouts with the added bonus of containing creatine.

Recommended Use:

Sinister Mass is indicated for people looking to increase body weight mainly through muscle mass gain. It can be taken at any time of the day, but is best consumed at breakfast, before bed or between meals. Its gradual release carbohydrate blend makes it an excellent option for ingestion before bed, while its fast energy carbohydrate content makes it an ideal choice for post-workout consumption.


The Sinister Mass formula includes a combination of two high-biological-value proteins (whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate), a fast energy carbohydrate (maltodextrin) and a gradual release carbohydrate (waxy maize). The addition of creatine in its composition makes it a powerful tool in your quest to increase muscle mass and strength