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HX Premium - M.A.P Essential Amino Acids (300g)

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MAP from HX Nutrition is the product made up of essential amino acids in powder form with a high level of purity and with excellent flavors.

MAP ESSENTIAL AMINO from HX NUTRITION is one of the most beneficial supplements for the muscular system and, therefore, for physical performance. In its composition we can find the 9 essential amino acids, which receive that name because our body is unable to synthesize them by itself, so they must be provided from outside.

Because amino acids are fundamental in the production of proteins, an extra contribution such as that of MAP ESSENTIAL AMINO from HX Nutrition. It has a positive impact on attributes such as strength, power or endurance, in addition to protecting muscle tissues against catabolic processes that can cause deterioration.

MAP ESSENTIAL AMINO aims to use different sources of amino acids, obtained from completely different processes, in order to increase their bioavailability, their absorption rate and therefore their assimilation in our body, in order to maximize the benefits obtained by this supplement.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 measuring and a half scoop (7.5 g), with 100-150 ml of water per day


    Bcaa´s 2.1.1 (L-Leucina, L-Valina, L-Isoleucina), L-Fenilalanina, L-Treonina, L-Histidina HCl, L-Metionina, L-Lisina HCl, A