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Body Attack - Fat Burner for Fem Appetite Reducer (Bundled with Lipo100)

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Body Attack Fat Burner - FEM Lipo Caps 120 + Appetite Reducer 60 Caps

The Burner Box for FEM by Body Attack is the strong duo for weight loss *. The box was specially developed for women who want to lose more pounds through a low-calorie diet. You can increase your weight loss success if you also regularly exercise and integrate more exercise into everyday life.

  • With weight loss guarantee *
  • ideal for your training
  • long-lasting satiety


Since the normal energy metabolism is running at full speed in burner training, B vitamins such as niacin and biotin as well as the minerals zinc and chromium are increasingly required. This vitamin-mineral formula is intended to maintain normal energy metabolism during the diet and definition phase.

Due to the many training units in burner training and the low-calorie diet, the state of mind can be impaired. The ALL-IN-ONE formula in the LIPO 100 FEM provides an additional 200 mg of caffeine per day, which in turn can increase endurance and concentration. Niacin also reduces fatigue or tiredness, which in turn can make the diet and definition phase easier. L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, synephrine from bitter orange extract, epigallocatechin gallate from green tea extract and piperine are also popular nutrients in weight loss aids.


The BODY ATTACK Appetite Reducer FEM contains the soluble fiber fibers that have the property of increasing the feeling of satiety. The soluble fiber is obtained from the konjac root. When combined with water, these fibers swell like a sponge. This triggers a stretch in the digestive system and leads to an increased saturation cascade. To feel this positive effect, however, 1 g of the soluble fiber glucomannan must be taken with one or two large glasses of water before a main meal. To achieve the best effect, glucoamannan should be taken with 300 ml to 600 ml of water with all three main meals.

Due to the onset of satiety, you also eat less of your meals. The result of this is that you usually add fewer calories, which in turn means you lose unnecessary kilos.


In a study by Walsh et al. In 1984, taking glucomannan resulted in greater weight loss than in the placebo group. The BODY ATTACK Appetite Reducer FEM delivers exactly the amount of 3 g glucomannan to achieve the positive effects of weight loss. However, care should be taken to ensure a low-calorie diet.

As a support, sport should be practiced regularly. In addition, the recommended consumption on the label should be followed exactly. We deliberately did not list a period because the weight loss depends on various influencing factors and the metabolic activity is different for each individual.



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