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Syntech - Synedrine 120 Vege Capsules

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Synedrine is a fat burner and one of the most advanced of its kind on the market. It is based on extensive scientific research on fat burning and weight management. During the development phase of Synedrine, three requirements were met:

  1. The fat burner needs to be effective and has to be based on scientific research

  2. It has to meet the strictest health and food safety requirements

  3. Synedrine should not make you feel like your heart is racing

The human body has two types of fat, Brown Adipose Tissue, or brown fat, and White Adipose Tissue, or white fat. The main function of brown fat is to turn food into body heat and is often referred as the “good” fat as it burns calories. This process of energy creating is called thermogenesis. White fat cells on the contrary, are the result of excess calorie intake and are storing energy. We typically find these white cells in the waist and thigh area. White fat cells can convert in brown fat cells and also start to burn energy instead of storing it. Synedrine contains a blend of 7 synergistically interacting ingredients which increase fat burning.


Suited for:

  • Persons that want to reduce their fat percentage

  • Athletes that need to lose weight due to weight categories in their sport

  • Body builders during prep- and depletion phase

  • Overweight or obese persons that want to change their body composition.

Recommended use:

On Training Days: take 2 caps (1 serving) in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 caps +/- 20 minutes before your workout.

On Non-Training days: take 2 caps in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 caps in the early afternoon.


EGCG (extracted from Green Tea) and Caffeine (extracted from Guarana), Capsicum Annuum, Svetol (Svetol® is a extract of decaffeinated green coffee), Taraxacum Officinale, Forslean (patented extract of Coleus Forskohlii), Black Pepper extract