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HX Premium - Beta Alanine (300g)

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Betalanina from HX Nutrition has been formulated to provide athletes with optimal performance during their training. This amino acid is capable of reducing the acidity that occurs inside the muscle during maximum intensity exercise, thus becoming an excellent supplement to delay fatigue, improve performance and, therefore, results.

B- Alanine is a supplement widely used by athletes who perform strength and resistance training to raise muscle levels. It is perfect to include in your shake before strength training, resistance training or any other physical activity that requires great effort.

Different studies have shown that beta alanine can increase the amount of carnosine by more than 80% compared to normal levels. It can also act as an antioxidant, improve calcium release during contraction and reduce fatigue in long-term exercises.

When high-intensity exercise is performed, the use of glucose as an energy source leads to a series of reactions that increase the acidity inside the muscle, which directly harms the muscle contraction mechanism. Carnosine neutralizes part of this acidity, which allows you to prolong peak performance for much longer and delay the onset of fatigue. This effect will be much more noticeable the higher the intensity of the exercise.

Recommended Use:

Take 1/2 measuring scoop a day (3 g), with 100-150 ml of water per day


    Beta Alanine.