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French friespizzapasta. Eating a high calorie diet is easy. But healthy is something else. Many high-calorie foods contain few nutrients, but a lot of sugar and fat. The fact is: if you want to build up mass, you have to take in more calories than you consume.

What sounds simple is not easy for everyone. So-called hard gainers can eat anything without gaining a gram. It is difficult for them to build up muscles.

Weight gainers can help. Our Power Weight Gainer provides you with more than 70 g of carbohydrates and 21 g of proteins per 100 g*. In addition there is a large serving of BCAA, many vitamins and minerals.


Weight Gainer, also known as Mass Gainer, are mass gain shakes. Virtually liquid calories for your muscles. The basis of these liquid calories are complex carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates supply you with energy, proteins are important for muscle building.

Maltodextrin is the carbohydrate source in our best weight gainer. The high-quality carbohydrate blend provides energy, is easily digestible and has a high glycemic index. Simply said: Your energy reserves are quickly replenished after training.

The proteins of our power blend are casein and whey protein. Whilst whey protein is available to your body very quickly, casein supplies you slower, but longer with protein.

The Power Weight Gainer is the optimal workout shake for all those who train at their limit, find it hard to build muscle mass or simply look for a carb turbo for a decent calorie bonus.


Why is a Whey protein sometimes not enough? When is the right time for a Weight Gainers? And what distinguishes Mass Gaine from pure protein products?

The difference between Weight Gainer and Whey protein is in the Nutrition Facts. Weight Gainers are mostly based on protein powder, but also contains a good portion of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Another difference to Whey: They are significantly richer in calories.

If your main concern is protein supply, a protein shake is the ideal choice. After your workout, whey protein is perfect for building muscles. Protein shakes are also popular for losing weight. If, on the other hand, you want extra calories because you find it difficult to gain weight or because you simply need more power during a certain training phase, Weight Gainer are the perfect choice.

Protein products such as whey protein are the absolute basis for building muscle, but you need more to get more muscle mass. The mix of complex carbohydrates and proteins makes the success.


Carbohydrates for energy, proteins for muscle building, so far so good. But our Power Weight Gainer would not be the best weight gainer if it did not have more to offer. For the best support in training, our product contains a high dosage of BCAA. At least 11.5 g per daily serving, to be exact. So that you have everything you need to get fit in the mass phase.

Power Weight Gainer


Weight gainers are only for hard gainers. Often heard? What does it mean? Are you a hardgainer?

Fact is: Weight Gainer Shakes are not meaningful for everyone - but for many. And hardgainers definitely belong to it. A hardgainer is someone who can eat a lot - without gaining much weight. It is nice to avoid unpleasant fat pads - but the muscles are also part of the mass. Hardgainers have to do a lot more to build up their muscles. High-calorie weight gainers from carbohydrates and proteins are made for this target group.

This does not apply to you? You gain weight quickly, but you also put on fat just as quickly - whether you like it or not? Then you belong more to the group of so-called softgainers. Mass phases should be approached in a controlled way. A whey protein is a better supplement than a weight gainer.

And the fortune gainer? This is the type of athlete who quickly builds up muscle mass without putting on much fat. A dream. In addition to sufficient protein, weight gainers are interesting for this target group when it comes to intensive training phases that require a high calorie requirement.


Our Power Weight Gainer is the best Gainer on the market. Of course it is. We do not need a long lists of ingredients. Our Power Weight Gainer proves that mass building can be simple. Without Aspartame. Without Creatine. Simply 100% Power. The fact that we still deliver everything you need for more mass speaks for the BODY ATTACK Weight Gainer.

Power Weight Gainer Vergleich

We rely on Maltodextrin as the only high-quality carbohydrate source. More than 70% carbohydrates increase the calorie density**. This guarantees that you reach the energy surplus you need to build up mass. Proteins from whey and casein additionally boost muscle building.

We rely on nutrients that are good for you. Instead of fat (only 0.5 g per 100 g) our Mass Gainer contains vitamins and minerals. A further advantage: Our Weight Gainer Shake needs no aspartame. Did you know that most Gainers contain Creatine? Not ours. If you don´t want to use Creatine during mass building, our product is the right choice.

And the icing on the cake at the end: Which other weight gainer is available in five delicious flavours? Correct. Nobody. There are rarely as many different flavours as here. Perfectly soluble in water or milk. Super creamy.

Our Mass Gainer gives you everything you need to build up mass and to look good.